General information



Soul Salon, an international trade show that brings forward fashion, trends & design together.



May 2019, exact data will be announced soon.


Background information


Who are we?

Soul Salon is more than a fair fashion exhibition focusing on amazing sustainable fashion. It offers you more than a trade show experience. We will make sure you’ll be totally inspired by ‘a look in the future’ we’re giving you during the fair. Not only in the fashion industry, but also in the field of ‘green’ store inspiration and by the good food fantasies that we’ll show you. Soul Salon is not accessible for consumers, only for retailers and professional buyers. So you’re exactly our type!

As the initiator of The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, we have a huge network of retailers, fashion brands and other significant people in the (sustainable) fashion business. This makes it possible for us to introduce this event at a very high level and connect you with your peers.

Soul Salon is a bi-annual fair fashion trade show in Amsterdam, which takes place simultaneously with the Amsterdam Fashion Week. This is because all fashion and design professionals will be fully focused on inspiration for new collections & brands during that event, greeting old friends and making new contacts. So we can guarantee you the right audience. We will also amply invite the key retailers that focus on sustainability.


Why do we exist?

We aim to make sustainability an important theme for fashion retailers. Retailers play a significant part in the process of transforming the fashion industry towards a more sustainable business models. However, currently, they are limited in their influence by several factors. In the belief that sustainable fashion should not only be sold in a limited number of Fair Fashion stores, but also by leading fashion retailers, we started Soul Salon.

Therefore, we aim to offer (inter)national brands, that provide exactly what the positive alternative retailers are looking for, visibility at this trade show. We will help retailers to jump in on a growing market demand. The past years we’ve built a tremendous network of inspiring retailers and fair fashion brands by initiating and organizing; The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and InspiringStories.nl. That’s one of the reasons it was a very logical next step for us to launch the first edition of this event in 2017!


What is our message to the world?

Sustainable design is following all the newest trends (without any concession in style) and besides that it’s telling a beautiful story. We want to inspire retailers in moving towards a sustainable business model. Therefore we did research on how to empower and influence retailers’ choices. Based on that, we make critical and inventive choices about our trade show program, our selection of brands and the products we present. We would love to have your inspiring brand on board. We aim to create an effect where our visitors will be happily surprised by the level of sustainable design and will make it more readily available to the retailers. We understand that, as a niche brand, you really want to stand out in the crowd, therefore we will make sure your brand will be presented in a very unique and innovative way. You, and your wish list of retailers, will be so surprised, that the event and especially your brand will be the talk of the town. With sustainable fashion & design, we mean fashion that is created with respect for people, animals and the environment. Therefore we use verifiable criteria, which we also communicate clearly during the event.