Booth number: 100

This Amsterdam based brand, creates jewelry for both men and women. Every product has it own story. For example, the Maverick ring, this is a gender neutral ring and represents unorthodox and independent minds.

The products are made from recycled gold and silver and the jewelry is made under fair conditions in workshops on Bali. Since the jewelry is handmade, not a single piece is the same as another. Only small amounts are produced, therefore the collections are very exclusive.

Taj strongly believes that everything is better when shared, so the profit goes partially to non profits. The non profits Taj donates money to support single parents and their children and a Dutch organisation which is dedicated to restore woods in the West of Africa.

In addition to having a responsible heart, are the creations of Taj very special though also pure in its design and the story they wish to share. Both men and women can find an unique piece of jewelry, from rings to ear cuffs or bracelets, with a raw or delicate design, Taj offers it all.

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