Booth number: 91

soulbottles is a German brand producing world’s cleanest drinking bottles. Their vision is to enable and inspire every person to live a conscious, sustainable and happy life. soulbottles are produced climate-neutrally and entirely in Germany.

soulbottles is aware that not only do one-use plastic bottles pollute the environment, but also the quality of water contained in those is mostly much lower than the one of tap water in many countries. they encourage customers to stop buying bottled water and fill their soulbottles with tap water instead.They are very much aware that clean drinking water is not accessible all over the world, therefore they donate 1€ per soulmate sold to clean water projects which try to solve this problem.

Also, the unique and most important feature is that the bottles are 100% free of plastic. The bottles are made of glass, which is way easier to recycle comparing to plastics. Around 20% of the bottles is made from recycled jars and bottles. You can even customize your own bottle, to make it unique!

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