Soul Salon received a high level of media attention once the initiative was born. During our first and second editions, a high number of media professionals was present to capture this progressive trade show. From trade media, to local newspapers and from bloggers to television news outlets, everyone reported on Soul Salon. Read more on how the multiple media sources perceived this initiative.

Second Edition:

Media attention prior the event


30-01-2018, Vakblad Kleur&Stijl

19-01-2018, Textilia

18-01-2018, Soulstores

17-01-2018, Textilia

10-01-2018, FashionUnited

05-01-2018, Textilia

03-01-2018, FashionUnited

19-12-2017, Vakblad Kleur&Stijl

09-10-2017, FashionUnited


Media attention during the event and afterwards


24-01-2018, FashionUnited

23-01-2018, Soulstores

23-01-2018, Textilia

22.-01-2018, FashionUnited

21-01-2018, Textilia



First edition:

Media attention prior the event


09-07-2017, Evensi

08-07-2017, Enschede Textielstad

08-07-2017, Amsterdam Fashion Week

04-07-2017, Textilia

29-06-2017, Awearness Fashion

22-06-2017, FashionUnited

16-05-2017, FashionUnited

15-05-2017, Textilia

12-05-2017, Vakblad Vrouwenmode

11-05-2017, Sneap

10-05-2017, FashionUnited


12-07-2017, FashionUnited

30-05-2017, Textil Wirtschaft


06-06-2017, Pinker Moda


Media attention during the event and afterwards


31-07-2017, FashionUnited

30-07-2017, Doe Maar Duurzaam RTLZ

18-07-2017, Chanel Trapman

12-07-2017, Werfzeep

11-07-2017, Textilia

10-07-2017, FashionUnited

10-07-2017, FashionUnited

09-07-2017, Plastic Soup Foundation

02-07-2017, Soul Stores