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Former property contractor Thomas Lommel is the mastermind behind cosmetic brand Oliveda. The power of the olive tree inspired him to establish the brand for about twenty years ago.

Oliveda is known for its high-tech natural cosmetics. The most important ingredient are substances of olive trees. The trees have been rooted for hundreds of years in a protected nature reserve, and is free of pesticides and without the use of irrigated water.
The olive leaves consist of a high level of antioxidant  which ensures, 85% of Oliveda’s product line is preservative free.

Wherein most cosmetic products contain 70% out of water, Oliveda uses something much better; olive tree cellular elixir. This highly concentrated elixir must not be mixed up with olive oil, it’s the substance which ensures vitality. For seven years, Oliveda experimented to find the best method to obtain this elixir.

Oliveda produces cosmetic products for body, face and hair, such as facial masks, body oils, foot care products but also shampoos. Basically, something for everyone we loves to use natural products and wants to feel energetic and vital.

Oliveda also wants to contribute something special to society. Therefore in 2013 Oliveda launched a project in Senegal. Since many nations of Africa still have to dig for water, Oliveda digged two wells in the Senegalese villages Mhaba and Pellew. Since then Oliveda committed to provide more wells for each newly invested acre of land for the olive trees.

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