MUD Jeans

Booth number: 23

MUD Jeans is a unique jeans label working entirely according to the circular economy principles, which means the products are designed to be recycled after use. This brand started when Bert van Son moved to China for his job in the fashion-industry. There he saw the consequences of fast-fashion, amongst other things, he was confronted with the high pressure and safety- and health risks, the garment workers are trying to cope with. He wanted to find an alternative and that’s why he started MUD JEANS.

Their goal is to use cotton that has the least impact on the environment. The jeans are made from certified cotton, subsequently processed in BCI and GOTS-certified factories in Tunisia. Also, the farmers of this production receive a fair price for their harvest. The fashionable designs are timeless and comfortable, suitable for everyone.

Learn more about this revolutionary brand through their website.