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The clothing brand LANIUS was one of the early adopters of sustainable fashion and is still continuing to change the industry. In 1999, the brand was founded by Claudia Lanius in Cologne, Germany. From the beginning Claudia had the vision to ‘harmonize ecological materials with fair working conditions, feminine silhouettes and a perfect fit’.

LANIUS is GOTS certified, which means every step of the production process is checked and approved according to specific criteria concerning social and ecological aspects. On top of that, LANIUS acquired the PETA ‘Approved Vegan’ Label assuring no animal¬†ingredients are used during the manufacturing process.

LANIUS is transparent about where their products are made and by whom. The garments are created in Europe, Asia and South America. Detailed information about the collaboration between the brand and the producers can be found on the LANIUS website.

Visit their website for more information about this brand.