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In 2009 Philipp Langer and Miranda Chen began producing eco fashion in Shanghai. As fair fashion pioneers, they are focused on limiting the environmental footprints of their work and on providing good working conditions and fair pay to all of their employees. Although LangerChen is produced in their own GOTS certified factory in China, the brand is based in Munich, Germany. 

LangerChen aims on making a difference in the world with their sustainable business. The special something about their sustainable coats and jackets: LangerChen found out how to combine natural fibers such as organic cotton or eco wool with a technical membrane. These laminated fabrics are comfortably elastic while being water- & windproof. As a result, the coats and jackets are lightweight and warming at the same time. The designs are based on the latest fashion trends yet timeless so the jackets and coats can be worn for many years.

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