Granny’s finest

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Come visit Wool for Millicent at Soul Salon. Wool for Millicent makes the finest knitwear out of different kinds of wool, such as alpaca, merino and mohair. Simple yet classic clothing is what this label stands for. Check the website and visit Soul Salon 21-22 January.

Granny’s Finest was founded in 2011, after realizing a self-knitted scarf by a grandma is the best thing you can wear during winter time. Every product is made with love and comes with a personal message from one of the grannies.

Almost 50% of all 75- to 85-year-old’s feel very lonely. Granny’s Finest wants to prevent loneliness among seniors. By organizing weekly knitting clubs, the seniors from all over the country are brought together. In this way the seniors do something they really like, but they also get in touch with others.

The grannies only work with the best materials, which are selected with good care. Natural yarns are used without the use of any synthetic materials. The wool has a self-regulating system and ensures you to stay warm in cold times. Also, accessories don’t have to be washed since the wool repels odor and dirt. By choosing high-quality materials, the products last way longer than just one season, resulting in less waste. 

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